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We started ministering in Malawi in 1995. At that time it was Willdress (my late wife) and myself.
Our mode of transport was our own vehicle. At that time the Kwatcha was between 3 –6 MK to the Rand.
A Round trip to and back was in the region of 7000km and the total cost per outreach was around R6000.00.

We soon realised the need for training and during 1997- 1998 we presented the MIP diploma course from the
Church of God in America. Through this diploma, we have trained around 80 pastors mainly in the Central and
Northern regions. This material was supplied by past Malan Moolman from the Missions centre near Origstad.

Between 2000 and 2010 it was basicly myself establishing Training Centres in the Southern and Northern regions.
I use to fly up to Blantyre and than overnight per bus to Karonga. Teaching at 6 venues (1-2days each) in
Karonga and than back with the bus to Blantyre. We than had one combined meeting in Blantyre with selected leaders
from the Southren Region, or that was what I was make to believe.

2011- 2016 it was myself (Central and Northern Regions) and past Naas Pitout in the Southern Region.We were still
working on the Training Centres model- expecting the leaders to establish their own workshops. The aim with this,
was to reach and teach as many leaders as possible.

Lilongwe and with a rented vehicle could travel to and from the centres.At this time we are on short term outreaches
(6x1day) lessons per venue.

Harvestime Minitries are registered in Malawi since the year 2000. We have two local directors Bishop Edwin Thera in
the Central Region and Bishop Sam Mhango in the Northern Region. With our last outreach we could change our Rands for
55 Kwatcha with the costs per outreach around R30000.00.Times have changed!!

You are welcome to become part of this, we need prayer, finances and would like you to come and experience
missions you are welcome to come with.

May God keep and bless you
Miekie Kruger


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